Tara Singh – Simplicity & The Art of Living

Are you busy – yet unfulfilled and exhausted? There is another way to live.

Simplicity is the answer to our craving for more – more love, more money, more recognition, more time. Simplicity is not cleaning out the garage.

Simplicity is coming to wholeness within.

Simplicity offers contentment in exchange for activity, new values in exchange for time – worn goals.

Simplicity is essential to serene living. Its inner riches cannot be threatened. A sane response to an uncertain economy, simplicity frees you from self-concern and allows you to discover self-reliance. As you reach out to others without fear or calculation, your natural goodness flowers in caring relationship and true productivity.

True leadership

A person who no matter how desperate the situation gives others hope is a true leader

Daisaku Ikeda

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