Intelligence operates like a happy virus

Thought is not intelligent.

I suddenly had this conception that intelligence, in a way, is like a happy virus. A virus is very simple (like intelligence) and it has transcription reading abilities - it can read the stuff of thought (which is very complicated) and find out what is relevant and what is not (a virus immediately on entering the cell makes a beeline for the nucleus and the genetic material - the heart of the matter).

A very simple thing enters a very complex field and somehow reads it and if effective brings about a profound change in the way the system is run. In truth, viruses don't generally spread happiness -they are very good at spreading pain and misery and yes they completely change the structure and wiring of the system in which they exist. But as a metaphor the happy virus makes a lot of sense - a virus that brings about healing and happiness and sanity is - metaphorically at least - intelligence. Of course, one is not talking about intellect - which is often a very dull and blunt instrument. One is talking about intelligence - which is powered by insight and vision.

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