...I remember walking around a village in Ecuador with a friend from Chile. He commented how if he were an alien it would seem to him that "Coca-cola" was a universal greeting. It is remarkable how one finds coca-cola signs in the remotest of villages in Ecuador - almost every other house seems to have one. As I stray further and further from childhood I see how many things - though commonplace elsewhere - appear alien to me now. I would never chop a tree down to celebrate the birth of Jesus. A tree is to be celebrated in its natural setting...not dying in the corner of a room. I would never go to church to find answers. I would never send so many Christmas cards - sorry, I like to write to people when I have something to say, not when tradition decrees a hollow greeting...though I admit it is comforting to be reminded that you have not been forgotten by the world...I would never identify with a country or a religion because that would make no sense to me. To know my own consciousness is the only thing that makes sense (agreed that can come about through certain religious disciplines and reflections).
When I last visited my parents my father shared a poem with me written by a manically-depressed comedian.

'When I was small and five
I found a pencil sharpener alive!
He lay in lonely grasses
Looking for work.
I bought a pencil for him.
He ate and ate until all that was
Left was a pile of wood dust.
He was the happiest pencil sharpener
I ever had'

Spike Milligan...

The thing that life is about for me is creativity....

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