Letter from Friend in America

Good to hear from you. Yes, the media and a lot of good people have begun
to speak up against this president and this war, at last. There are even
those who take the radical approach and suggest we talk to our enemies
rather than just try to kill them. Those crazy folks think that violence is
wrong and only makes the problems worse. I'm sure that as this country is
pushed closer to a police state the voices will become louder before they
are silenced. If this admistration continues to control all the branches of
government for two more years I fear democracy will lose and facism will
again raise its ugly head.
The winding road that Patanjali speaks of leads both ways. Some walk the
road to the top of the mountain of hope and peace and others walk down the
road to death and dispair but both believe they walk with god. Me, I just
want to sit by the side of the road offering love and understanding no
matter which way the traveler is going. I think if we could all just get
off the road and sit down together we would forget which way we are trying
to go and be happy with where we are now. There are other paths that go
around the mountain and avoid the deep canyons. These paths are narrow and
winding, quiet, rarely tread. The humble paths are taken by the old and the
children in an attempt to avoid the terrible traffic between heaven and
hell and right and wrong. I sit here across this ocean between us and think
of what is happening today and wonder about tomorrow and the only thing I
can think of is a line from movie called "War Games". The young computer
savy kid saves the world from a real nuclear attack by engaging the
military computer in a game of tic-tac-toe that it can't win. "The only
way to win is to not play the game."



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