May the impoverished of the world claim back their dignity...

A lovely couple lines from Matt in Shanghai

Of course over the next few weeks there will be lots of headaches, and scanning
through job sites, and decision-making, and stress, and interviews, and
Chinglish phone calls; but it occurs to me that - just for that one moment when
you resolve to quit something dull and do something new, and suddenly you can
see all of life's possibilities: in that moment, you are free.

First Know Yourself

Can we attain Jnana through your grace and teach it to the people of the world?

First know yourself; leave alone the idea of teaching others. If the world and its people remain after your realization you may teach them. Trying to help the world without knowing yourself will just be like a blind man trying to treat the diseases in the eyes of others. First clear your own eyes. If you do this you will see the eyes of all others as your own. Then, if you see the eyes of all others as your own, how can you exist without helping them?


Intelligence means not falling into the grooves which society sells us

He was, though, good at boy-things, the cadet force and football. After deciding against the army and civil engineering, he went to Sheffield University to study maths and financial accounting, although he actually spent all his time performing. 'I was putting on shows at college, taking them to Edinburgh, and my brother would say, "Hmm, not very good, is it?" I'd say, "You're not supposed to say that." What about, "Lots of energy"?

'Not very good' however, remained the general verdict for a long time. He dropped out of university to concentrate on comedy, but it was 10 years before he got a Perrier award nomination in 1991. His doggedness in the face of all the evidence is impressive. 'Cleverly, I did work out that if I got a degree it would be more difficult to stick at it. I'm 89-90 per cent certain that I wouldn't have fallen back on it because I've wanted to do this from the age of seven. But it would have been much more - it was accounting for God's sake, you can get a job with that no matter what the economy's doing. So I burnt my bridges with a flamethrower.'

He started out performing sketches, 'and that didn't get anywhere, so I tried street performing and I was awful at it. It came to the point I was performing in Covent Garden with a partner and I thought, everyone doesn't like this, I don't like doing it, we're getting no money, so ... I'll just carry on doing it.'

Eddie Izzard

Dream this morning

Arrival at the goal depends on the intensity of the dedication to the intention.

- Interestingly, this is the 21st Sutra of the First Chapter of the Yoga Sutra


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