A crooked world - despair? hope?

The Buddha said that life is suffering. But there is a way. A way out. For the noble ones.

India is not an enlightened society. There are many things which disgust me in this country. In places though, there is reverence. I am fond of yoga and the teachings of the Buddha and Krishnamurti as they do not preach. They admit the power of faith. They are the religions of humanism. Religions in the best possible use of that word. For me there is no God in religion. The word "education" means in latin (ed - ducat-ducare): "To draw out (that which is within)." That is religion. Religion is a fire which burns the seeds of inclinations which lead to sorrowful consequences.

I have met monks who are mere civil servants. I have met teachers who are administrators. Sea fish born in a tank unaware of the ocean.

We must be strong. Temptation is strong. But we must be stronger. Krishnamurti once said this of hope:

"I hope I am not offering anybody any hope (Laughter). That would be a most terrible thing. If you are looking for hope - from me or from another - then you are avoiding the despair which is what actually is. Do please follow this. Can you look at that despair, which is what actually is - not the hope which is merely a supposition, something you wish for - but actually look at the fear and despair? Can you look at it without hope and without condemnation? Can you see it actually as it is, be directly in contact with it? This means looking at it non-verbally, without any fear, without any distortion. Can you do it? If you can look at "what is" absolutely without any distortion, you will see that the whole thing undergoes a tremendous change: it is no longer despair, it is something entirely different. But, unfortunately, most of us are conditioned and we are always hoping for the ideal, which is an escape. Putting away all escapes, all hopes - not in bitterness or with cynicism but because you see that there is only this fear and despair - then you are left free to look. And when the mind is free, is there despair? "

Questioner: Is sex always an escape?
Krishnamurti: I wouldn't know. (Laughter) Is it to you? You see, that's just it: it becomes an escape when it is the only thing wherein you feel free of your daily misery, effort and contradiction; and so it becomes a door through which you can escape. And if you do so escape, that very escape breeds fear. But if you are aware that it is an escape, then everything changes.

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