A Renaissance of the Spirit

I have been reflecting a lot recently on the dynamics of purpose. The world is a mess. We are the consciousness of that world. To heal it we must look within - not condemn ourselves or others with crushing judgments.It takes great discipline to find the right qualities within us to approach our selves and our challenges with deep compassion and wisdom. Discipline is the ordering faculty of intelligence. We require it to simplify our lives in the right way.

The discipline which is imposed by an outward authority is not the discipline of love. It is the discipline of fear. Life is dynamic - it takes a mind unblemished by expectation to completely let go. And if we are attached to anything then fear is our way, our approach...our avenue of "development"...

I always find it interesting that Jesus went out into the desert. I don't know if any of you have spent time in a desert. But a desert is an extraordinary place. It is a very stark place on the surface of things. And yet it is not a dead place. Life is there...I find it interesting that Jesus went into the desert because in a way he went into the desert of himself too. When you reduce things to their very essence...to the fundamentals...and you ask yourself very testing questions...questions that can scorch who you think you are - like a hot sun...you are challenged to survive in a psychological environment that may be totally alien to that which you are familiar with.

When all is lost...when the world that you believe in is burnt to ashes...it is then that there can arise an opportunity within us for a renaissance of spirit. Do you cling to life....do you cling to your hopes...to your dreams....Is anything worth clinging to? Or must you let go of everything...sort of come to yourself armed only with the resoluteness of desperation...and guts? Desperation when focused is a very powerful force. If we handle it wisely it is that force of intention that leads to revelation and insight.

When you look at what is without evasion...then you must be very bold, very serious...and very sensitive to the mystery of living; very clear about the tenaciousness of fear. Then - and only then - there is an opportunity for a renaissance of spirit.

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