Idea = to observe

I know idealism is not playing on the radio right now, you don't see it on TV, irony is on heavy rotation, the knowingness, the smirk, the tired joke. I've tried them all out but I'll tell you this, outside this campus— and even inside it— idealism is under siege beset by materialism, narcissism and all the other isms of indifference. Baggism, Shaggism. Raggism. Notism, graduationism, chismism, I don't know. Where's John Lennon when you need him.


External change

I didn't expect change to come so slow, so agonizingly slow. I didn't realize that the biggest obstacle to political and social progress wasn't the Free Masons, or the Establishment, or the boot heel of whatever you consider 'the Man' to be, it was something much more subtle. As the Provost just referred to, a combination of our own indifference and the Kafkaesque labyrinth of 'no's you encounter as people vanish down the corridors of bureaucracy.


To fall over is natural - to get up and keep moving is what takes something extraordinary

My heroes are the ones who survived doing it wrong, who made mistakes, but recovered from them.


South India - challenges

The elections just finished here...and I find modern South Indian culture so sad. Virtually all politicians here are movie stars. The movies seem so primitive - so stupid. There are no inspiring films depicting the life of a great scientist or meaningful political struggle. It's all swaying hips and silly songs. Whole film genres just don't exist here - drama is all about guns and overacting superstars that get paid silly amounts of money. All the leading men seem so ugly - with smacking great big foreheads, arrogant swaggers and angry faces. Women are either rich ladies with pathetic worries or smirking love interests that are paid to gasp and squeal... For such a great country as India - it is really quite a sad reflection of modern times to see what the locals here champion as entertainment and political process. In the latest election the leading parties pledged free tvs, bicycles and land for voters! It's sick.

No country impresses me when it comes to politics - with the possible exception of the Scandinavian countries...but Tamil Nadu seems particularly sick. Ahhh, I feel better now to have gotten that off my chest.

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