Why do men have nipples? Teaching in Czech Republic

I asked this question to some students in a Czech English Language class.

I found that a lot of the students that came through the Czech school - at least the corporate ones - were bored stiff and often unhappy. The text books are normally so cold and lifeless things...so asking silly questions which have a deeper level to them - brings humor and life into the classroom - if there is sex involved people always perk up! Ha! (excuse the pun).

People came up with many answers (accompanied by lots of sniggers). A great way to test out your english! I think I brought a lot of laughter to a dark world with questions like that. I remember I had one of the Boxing plant classes in fits after my first class. One Yadislav fellow did not say anything all lesson and I ended the class by telling him to give the rest of the class a chance to get a few words in next time- they all found that very funny.

I was a damned impertinent biology student - I used to collect dead badgers and hedgehogs (road kills mostly) and put them in my parents' fridge-freezer (it was huge!). I always used to ask my biology teacher why men had nipples...his answers never satisfied me. The answer has something to do with Lamarck and the appendix. I will give you a clue - ever heard of a bursting nipple?

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