The Wedding of Contrasts

Amazing how high raw, dark, brooding landscapes with little but lonely trees and sprawling vacuous skies can lift a man who has grown too used to 100 dusty motorbikes roaring for attention and position at busy crossroads in overcrowded, baking Indian cities! But then the wedding of contrasts is always fertile ground for imagination and spiritual surges...
Eleonor Roosevelt said you must do the thing you most fear. I concur.

I also feel one should be wary of formulas. There is infinite value in certain traditions...but there is no benefit whatsoever in being a slave to them. We are connected all the time to the immeasurable. Some practices unquestionably bring us closer to a ripe awareness of that inescapable and awesome fact. Yet when we begin to think we aren't connected... that's when the trouble starts. Practice...but when you can't remember being is the ultimate practice...

Ha! thinking can really mess You up! :)

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