Van der Post on the Evolution of the European Mind

Van der Post in his opening chapter makes little mention of Jung - more of the psychology of an entire culture - how it ebbs and flows with extroverted and introverted moments and how that all ties into the mythological undercurrent of an evolving global mind. It is fascinating. I have never heard someone speak with such acute mythological and psychological understanding of a civilisation - at least as concisely and as clearly as I have Laurens Van Der Post here. Gives one a lot of fat to chew on - all related to deciphering this line a friend shared recently:

"I feel an understanding of the times will lead to an understanding
of how time is to be treated."

I feel it is part of how to go about answering that riddle for me. Van Der Post was a young man in the Second World War - with about 4 or 5 European languages comfortably in his repertoire. And his understanding of the European consciousness was (and his understanding of the hidden meaning of dreams and the beguiling use of symbols in the Bible) - to my ears - far deeper and involved - than any of his contemporaries (indeed anyone I have ever come across).

We are creatures wed to symbols - so when one comes across a mind that is able to decode the symbols of one's race so expertly - the world becomes a clearer place...and the times more meaningful...With a greater appreciation for our background - the actions we make in the foreground of our lives can be more sensitive and more attuned to "right" action. The consquence? - we are likely to be wiser, happier and more "keyed"-in human beings.

One's place in history then is not so bewildering - one's dreams, one's culture are no longer such bedazzling can leap great divides...This is not intellectual - academics rarely find this kind of deep clarity - Jospeh Campbell was perhaps an exception to that - and Van Der Post was not an academic - but he was a brilliant man. I find his outlook refreshing. His take on things enhances where I am already going....

On this issue of time - there is the mythological aspect - which is HUGE.
but there is also Einstein - I am sure his discoveries filter through to psychology in profound ways....I want to ride those beams of light that connect all of this.

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