To be or not to be

I am not judging
I accept that belief feeds people on certain levels, but for me it is shallow - this is elementary to me. Faith is very powerful in the right hands.

I hope for nothing. I want to know what is actually true. If I am hoping...I am intruding on the inquiry. I don't conclude. I need to look and see what is there. I see believers and non-believer proclaiming their rhetoric...but it is all so shallow - I have nothing to persuade another of - so I don't believe or not believe. I want to find out what is actually true.

I want to know if there is an end to suffering. I don't give that question a label. I don't call it a search for God. God is just a word, an idea - with many different meanings to many different people - I am not interested in playing with ideas. I am serious. I am desperate to find out what is possible to a very serious mind. I don't phrase it as some big experience...that I have made contact with the divine - all of that nonsense. I start with myself and I look...No believing, no ideation. Just observation of the mind and what lies behind the mind. That silent awareness which observes. I peel away the layers to see what I am connected to.

What works for you - might not work for me, my friend. What you say may strike me as poppycock (and honestly sometimes it does) - but it is your poppycock and I accept that it might yield things for you which I cannot conceive of...So I call you silly on one level - because what you say is meaningless and deadly to me - but I also see you as a sincere human being seeking insight and clarity...and I know there are many ways to skin a cat. But please - drop this notion that you can persuade me into seeing any real difference between believing in God and not believing in God. Perception is based on interpretation of sensual information and intuitive information. Interpretation can be flawed or attuned to what is.

We all must start (and end) with deciphering perception. The physicists say that objectivity is impossible - because the observer affects the observed. On another level though, the observer is the observed. So until we face up to what we are thinking - we can never come to clarity as to what we are beyond whatever temporary identies the body and mind and environment might attest to/construct. This might sound terribly intellectual - but it is really not. It is the beginning of looking at ourselves as we have been conditioned...and in that process, becoming aware that there is an awareness operating which is not based on thought; an awareness that is of another dimension.

Belief is of the dimension of thought. Being is of another dimension. Pure being is where I feel real intelligence lies. Thought, by definition - constructs the thinker, the ego - and produces a realm - no matter how seemingly marvellous and inter-galactic - that is limited and material. Discerning this seems to me essential to finding out what reality is and what illusion is. I don't believe that I am NOT a body. I see it.

"And how do you know if God is listening to you?" You ask me this? A very intellectual and "impossible to answer question." Fine to ask it. But why this endless talk of God? Why not start with observing what you are? What frailties and illusions bely your motivations and your prayers? Just as one should ask when another is communicating with one - WHAT IS TALKING? Is it pride, ignorance, jealosy, confusion, fear, insecurity, affection, insincerity etc?

"How does one know if one has a true experience of God. For such an experience would be truly life changing?" paraphasing you...

I have not experienced God. I don't know what God is. I have had visions. They are interesting and life affirming.

Life has meaning for me when I know my true nature...and as far as I understand that quest - it all comes down to how desperate you are to know. True knowledge begins to flower when you have such an all-consuming love in your heart for reality (or God as you might call it) - that nothing can interfere. I would not call such a man a believer. I would call him free. Free of beliefs, free of illusions. His mind is like a clear vessel reflecting the sun. Light is not thought. Light is not belief. Transcendence transcends belief. There are two kinds of desperate men. One is a sorry figure and the world is full of them. The second kind is the one who is extraordinary...because he is mad with his quest to know what he is.

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