Question for a friend:

What do you think Ramana is asking the fellow to learn? Perhaps how NOT to
do things! Seems a little obtuse to me...

A yogi used to sit as steady as a rock, with eyes closed, for a couple of
hours at a time. The Maharshi spoke to him.

M: Do you really want to learn meditation? Mere posture is not enough, what
matters is where your mind is! So learn from that young man over there. (He
pointed to a young graduate who had been unemployed for nearly a year, and
was now haunting the Ashram constantly). He sits there with eyes closed too,
but his whole mind is centered on obtaining employment. He prays continually
in the silence to me, to give him a job. But where can I give people jobs?

Response from a friend:

At this moment I am in Australia - at my father's home in a country town. Easy
for me to forget the Source of everything as I get distracted by little details.
In its way this trip is a blessings to remind me to maintain practice even when
back in Hawaii everything around gives such a positive reflection.

What I hear Ramana saying is that meditation is after all just a technique for
turning the mind inward. Like all techniques it comes and goes and creates its
own karma (as it is manufactured). The path of self enquiry is not a matter of
stilling the mind of thoughts but of active enquiry into who is it that is
meditating. Whatever benefits one gains from meditation will be temporary as
they come and thus must go. If ones attention is on the source of manifestation
then the karmic cycle may be broken (depending on grace). There is nothing more
that that to be done (and even that will be seen as given when the certainty of
singular reality dawns.

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