Notes from a recent dialogue

I feel there is no difference between the following two statements...

"I believe in God" - "I don't believe in God",

They amount to nothing.

Wisdom has nothing to do with ideation and formulas. And those two statements are all about ideation and formulas to me. I don't believe in food. I go out and eat it or I die. So too for me, with the spiritual life. Ideas and beliefs do not feed me. Direct relationship with the divine within me, and within others, does. One needs inner urgency for that. That being said - I do not say that faith is wrong - only that it must be a faith that is not blinded by dogma nor a faith built on fear (which is very common).

My approach is entirely grounded in experience and implicit direct knowledge of the nature of existence and the mind. I am humble enough to recognise there are many things as yet unrevealed to me.

All thought is a meshwork of images. Once the mind is quiet - healing comes.

A man of unshaken resolve is not offended by words. The world is full of insensitive people with insensitive things to say. The world is full of hypocrisy.

A true friend does not mince words - he says it how it is. Whereas polite society do everything to avoid "issues" being brought up. Bullshit! to that. Without affection these intercourses are meaningless...

Remember that the turning point for Carl Jung was a dream of a great shit from heaven falling on a church. He revolutionized understanding of the psyche - and saw the common themes of man's quest for spiritual understanding the world over. He was not a follower of doctrines - but a man ready to look at the mind for what it was. Wisdom always begins with observing what is - rather than accepting tradition and doctrine blindly (the church in his dream). Everything must be tested.

Abraham Lincoln was a prophetic figure - not a merely a Christian as you label him. Just as Washington was greeted by angels - and told that he would be a father of a great too Lincoln was guided. That he happened to have been born into the Western world and hence, the Christian culture and the realm of Christian myth - was by the by. God/Life works through all men - whether Hindu, Christian, Buddhist or Muslim or determinedly humanistic (as I am) - IF - and this is the big IF - their minds are quiet and reverent of the deeper meanings behind the sacred symbols of the cultural heritage they were born into.

We are not arguing - for I have no conflict with you. But challenge me with your understanding of what I am saying - and how it affects you - and I wil - naturally speak my mind.

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