Living a full Life

To live a full life, life demands the following of us: "A lively intellectual curiosity, an interest in everything - because everything is really related to everything else. A genuine interest in what other people think and why they think that way... which means you have to be at peace with yourself for a start. A special responsibility to envision a future that's different from a straight line projection of the present. Trends are not destiny. A hunch that most risks are there not to be avoided but to be taken. A mindset that crises are normal, tensions can be promising and complexity fun. A realization that paranoia and self-pity are reserved for people who don't want to be leaders. A sense of personal responsibility for the general outcome of efforts. A quality of "unwarranted optimism" the conviction that there must be some more upbeat outcome than would result from adding up all the available expert advice."

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