The Legacies of our parents

I always remember a line I read in a book by Ben Okri in Ecuador: "Grow wherever life puts you down." I met a friend I knew in Ecuador recently. She had lost her mother five years back. The loss of a mother must be very challenging. But from the tales and countenance she shared it was clear she had grown into a beautiful and strong young woman - despite all the pain and shadows that an event like that must thrust on one.

Inspiring to hear the story of her younger brother. He had taken a year off from his university course to nurse his mother through her illness. When she died he elected to take a new path. He went into psychiatric nursing...something very different to what he had been studying prior to his break from studies. I see this turn of events as his mother's parting gift to him.

You never know where illuminating insights into ourselves and what is valuable will come from! His healing possibilities bloomed as she passed from this world - amazing the twists and turns of fate...amazing the legacies of our parents.

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