In Search of Healing

I think there is value to values. :) But I think everything must be questioned. What do we seek to preserve but our own self-concept (which by its very nature needs to be protected)...

If you really know who you are self-concepts are meaningless. Love does not need protection. Love is the most destructive thing. Fear is what needs to be protected. The fears associated with the idea that we are a body...that the mind is the master of things. The mind is not the master - but most of us live as though it were. Hence we are ruled by thought. Thought is self-destructive. It breeds the chaos of us coming to percieve ourselves as "human thinkings" rather than human "beings."

Love (using the vehicle of insight) destroys all of this. Seeing this is like seeing light - it is so crystal clear- but it must be appropriated to the relative world of frightened human beings...and we all have areas of darkness to be approached 'appropriately.'

Hence - "Others then express criticism of you which can be very damaging if you are just trying to find your own path." - so true! The sapling is a delicate thing. I believe we are here to resolve the issue of identity. It can lead to some wonderfully funny illusions (and some terribly tragic ones). Sexuality, drive, passion, illness, health, fear, talent, issues/habits, prevailing psychological environments...they add up to make the face in the mirror - taking them all into account, we can try and find the firm tree we are destined to be. In our modern world, sadly, the forest (by analogy: our community) is often just a plantation - where the natrual has been replaced by the trend...and the tree is a commodity (a society without reverence for the right quality and frequency of pauses)...not a friend.

When will we ever learn that true friends are mirrors of something deeper...not timber to be felled? Or, put another way, what kind of questions and approaches to living bring about the genesis of an authentic human being - one with their own voice? I suppose that is the common challenge we face as healers and serious human beings... No?

A human being is the seed. A seed that grows up naturally - not cramped and conditoned by market forces - is the where healing is to be found... On this planet to figure out how to live that way takes a lot of courage...and an openness of mind that is not bound to conclusions nor afraid to make mistakes.

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