Human Ecdysis

My family - have never been simple nor easy - but they are very creative and open-minded. They gave me a lovely space to relax and recharge for a couple of weeks and that's infinately valuable.

I often think of the process by which insects grow - it is called "ecdysis" and sometimes I do not think it is too different from the process by which humans grow or the process by which evolution takes place.

Insects wander around the world with their heavy duty exoskeletons - doing what needs to be done and taking in what needs to be taken in...gathering experience and trials as insects do....Then there comes a day where they seek out a reclusive corner and throw off their, by now, tight-fitting body armour and don a new, bigger, waxy new one - which proceeds to dry out and harden. Suddenly, they are a new creature...more expansive...possessed and changed.

I think human beings do something similar - if they are granted the dignity of space (in the Third world you see on a daily basis how so many, many people do not have such luxuries). When we have enough space - we too can seek out a reclusive corner and throw off the old and welcome the new. I firmly believe that all these transformations come naturally....with the right quality of space and the right approach to living.

Reflection and questioning of our values and our priorities naturally brings a shift...a rewiring of focus...Its great! Of course, we are changing and reassessing things all the time - but it is nice to have retreats from the onslaught of responsibilties and worldly demands to get out of the way of everything and just breathe. Breathing is so full of wonder - as yoga keeps teaching me.

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