Hexagram 25 : The Reflection of the Self - the Essense of Order - in the Attentive Mind


WU : devoid of; -less as suffix..

WANG : caught-up in, entangled, involved; disorder, incoherence; foolish, wild, reckless; false, brutish behaviour; vain, idle, futile." ERANOS p311
Image :

"[With enlightenment comes confidence].
Under heaven, moving thunder. People associated with [Non-Involvement].
In primal times one nurtured the many beings through vigourous correspondence to the seasons.[strong regulating, or 'spoon feeding', encourages the development of a lack of participation]"

In hexagram 25, to express one's self strongly and openly and unexpectedly is an act of innocence since it comes from the heart and thus is not premeditated ( a moment of enlightenment). To escape from the dark side, the side of service, requires an initial act; one needs to do something and get involved with the new and disentangled from the old. The line comments show that non-involvement/disentanglement has it's ups and downs.

Extended Commentary

The raw context from which the situation derives is described by hexagram 45 gathering capabilities/massing. It passes through hexagram Enlightening/Awareness before reaching here.

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