Happy Pongal

I see my split with my Martha brought me face to face with myself and my issues in the mirror of life's cruel jokes. That song by James Blunt - "You're Beautiful" kinds of sums it all up! It also gave me a good measure of a really disgusting medicine callled "Attachment sucks - deal with it." Really repugnant stuff - I don't recommend it - but I guess it was what I had to take to get "better." Love always seems to lie over the rainbow...yet, if truth be known, it's hidden in the details, in the quiet seconds that threaten to pass us by when we aren't looking. I believe forgiveness is the best way to get to grips with that reality...

An friend of mine, whom I traveled with through Mexico a long time ago, once said to me "Never seek counsel on any issue beyond technicalities. For everything non-technical - you've got the gray matter - do the math." It gelled well with me. It still does.

Intelligence is a mighty fine thing! I keep trucking, ...processing... The last thing the split with Martha taught me - was how emotional intelligence is a BIGGEE - even I was impressed how much I could hate, love, feel betrayed and at a loss - all together in the some moment - over the same person. Pushed my buttons is not the right phrase - actively jumped up and down on them would be a shade closer! She does cold well. She's a a bondafide refrigerator with me. Ah shucks, I sound like a 12 steps divorce group. "My name is Nathan and I'm a recovering bewildered ex-husband." Hence, I better stop... :)

I am a big one for empathy. So I know that what I just shared is just my take on a molten meltdown that occured between 2 people - she has her version - and never the twain shall meet...at least that's how she has it in her book. I believe checks must be cashed and debts paid though - Newton's Third Law always did it for me. So though it's all over - I am not entirely sure our issues are! What we don't deal with - deals with us - eventually...that's just the way "issues" work.

Life keeps cooking up interesting recipes for me though...and I learn to let go what is making unnecessary barriers to freedom inside of me....I learn to let go...and I learn to smile.

Charlie Chaplin said all tragedy is comical if you figure out the right vantage point...but comics would be out of a job if they didn't say that! Then again,they may be on to something...


Today is Pongal. The first day in the shift of the solar calendar. It starts moving north today...north to heaven...for six straight months - then in June it turns back to the South...and the auspicious goes with it.

If you are going to die...this six month period (as opposed to the other one) is a good idea - I guess it's up to you to pick the year...At least that's how some of the locals see it. The sun is heading for heaven for six months...but after that, it will be turning about face and making a beeline for demon central south. So reap in the harvest of remarkable reflections and make the moment of the in-season fruit.

And keep remembering the benevelonce and maginicence of the sun...

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