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Being a science teacher means I get to talk about science all the time and I get to read great stuff and have interesting arguments with people on the course about what happens to atoms if the actually manage to reach absolute zero (if that were possible). So according to plan this time next year I should have my own lab in a school somewhere decorated with planets, plants and fossils with beakers and Bunsen burners sittin around! Fantastic!! What an awesome job! Just can't wait till I am doing it properly instead of having to sprint from room to room to do my lessons.

"Equipped with his 5 senses man has explored the universe around him and
calls the adventure science' Hubble.

I've taught lots of bits of lessons so far but I've taught three full lessons completely on my own this week. Stepped into the breech properly you might say! My first was a complete dream, but then I was lucky that I got to teach about the earth, sun and moon and talk about orbits and stuff like that. My last one today was about the phases of the moon which should have been awesome though with it being last period some of the kids behaved like little gits! I've just given out my first two detentions!

Remember experiencing the onslaught of the monsoon sweeping down from the Himalayas through west Bengal as I was traveling on a train from Calcutta. I was leaning out of the train , cause they go So fast!, getting soaked, I don't think I've ever felt so alive!

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