Fire and Wind

Ah bird feeders and booze - England is such an eccentric mix. That's the prism of my past. And there are pujas and lassi...the prism of my filtered moment.

I am reading an amazing book about the life of Carl Jung right now - by the incomparable Laurens Van der Post. Amazing stuff. The biology of a country. The mechanics behind the evolving psyche of western thought. The fusion of technology and theology...the trap that is the theory of the mind...the luminaries that have waded through it's muddy labarynth and come upon clarity.

I am trying to decipher the mythic gateway presented by my Western conditioned mind when it comes face to face with the grand tale of the East. Pragnatism and individualism and productivity and profits meets holy cows and social accountability and the vastness of a land that has no beginning and no language for time. I am thrown into a furious cycle: heat and dry and wind...death and regeneration. And then there is the thread that runs through it all. The thread, the essence, the suture (from the Sanskrit: sutra - thread). The river of (a questioned) life.


"The process of joining two surfaces or edges together along a line by or as if by sewing.
The material, such as thread, gut, or wire, that is used in this procedure.
The line or stitch so formed.


The fine thread or other material used surgically to close a wound or join tissues.
The stitch so formed.


The line of junction or an immovable joint between two bones, especially of the skull.


A seamlike joint or line of articulation, such as the line of dehiscence in a dry fruit or the spiral seam marking the junction of whorls of a gastropod shell."

Both cultural viewpoints are challenged by the same phenomena - but both come up with remarkably different symbols (and sometimes remarkably similar ones) to broach the river to the inestimable void...from whence we came...

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