Extracts from a Letter to an old schoolmaster after visiting the school

I have always been one to pass through the slits and slots - never one to fit into a box....my downfall and my release! - depending on who is looking I suppose :) I suppose one feels such things ever more keenly in one's old school - the confines of necessary authorities come back to haunt one - and the rebel at heart in me just wants to loaf around at the sidelines - being partially seen - watching and taking in the changes in the moss and the memories.

I have been studying some western psychology of late (principally Carl Jung) - which enhances my studies in yoga - and it has left me fascinated with the web of unconscious details that is woven into our dreams and the collective dreams of a society - ie the myths. Sadly - in the western world - the realm of myth has been objectified into a history curriculum and a museum tour...or they have been anaethesised and killed by TV soaps and bland comedy - which I suppose is one of the reasons I find India so fascinating (and - for that matter - any artistic expression that is alive to the electricity of a living myth) - their gods are older than the Greeks and yet - unlike the Greeks - they are still so very much alive...I think the real artists of this world must be fascinated (and working in) with the realm of myth - of course there are always new myths developing - but it is hard - in our modern culture to find ones as rich and varied and vibrant and - above all - subtle - as the ancient teachings of India.

...A subject only comes alive in the hands of one who loves it and who has a skill of sharing its wonders with others (sounds like a pretty fair definition of a teacher).

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