The modern world is not simple - it take guts to live a life of meaning - because so much of modern life is weighted on opinions, commerce and expectations...and the fleeting confines of time. Love is never possible in the company of expections and yet we meet expectations around every corner. I think determination - if it is real determination - teaches one that. At least, that is what it has taught me.

I suppose my spiritual search is to find sanity in an insane world - and the more I experience of life - the more I see how rare sanity is. I think, sadly - for all the things I cherish about England - I find it shallow and cold - though it can be sublimely beautiful and uplifting at times - especially its art and literature. There is an escapist tendency in me when it comes to England. I feel freer in the wide planes of America or in vast expanses of the Vedic scriptures. Each to their own.

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