The dark side of India

From a friend who was conned:

"Here is my experience with Hindu's and Indians with money:

I had to sue the Hindu man who conned me for two years
and helped me waste two years of my life on a fraudulent scheme
which caused me enormous anguish and grief. He was all charming
and used every bit of religious fakery to avoid his debts to me. Finally
I had enough. Only the threat of garnishing his wages and kicking his
ass back to India got the results. The rest was all verbal BS on his part .
. . totally stringing me along . . . causing me to not trust anyone from INDIA
ever again, in this lifetime. THAT'S how hurt I was, how demoralized,
and how much I was deceived.

Only the most drastic action yields any results with these scoundrels.They would sell their mother if they could get a good price. I see them in the blackest light. I am biased, because I was so badly hurt. But I do believe
their words mean NOTHING.

Should you have documentation of these actions, and the email copies, and anything else you need, only the threat of legal fees and their paying for your attorney costs and the most rigorous, aggressive, SHIVA-LIKE action will get their respect, and what is owed to you. Nothing less than this!

They somehow have a sense to exploit anyone who is kind and giving,
and it is a part of their culture which has caused me to become extremely
PC- politically INCORRECT. I was hurt that much.

The man would go to the Temple and pray to Ganesh and Krishna, all
the while stringing me along for well over half a year on what I stupidly
helped him with financially.

Take whatever aggressive legal actions you can, and do NOT mistake
these people for your friends in any fashion. They will eat you alive while
smiling in your face and telling you that you are their spiritual brother.

Free meal is more like it! And what a tasty young American to take advantage of, too!"

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