I just went dancing at a club in India this evening - music was a little passe -hindi pop remixes and dance tracks - but it was fun.

I guess I need to figure out how to dance to the Hindi remix stuff. It was funny watching Indians dance do that stuff. It felt like the whole club suddenly were imitating a bad Bollywood flick - lots of gesticulating arms and swaggering hips. I find dance amazing - it's like a form of language...And it intrigues me in India - (especially Tamil Nadu) - a culture that can be quite Victorian in its attitude. I mean dance here is largely a spectator sport...and traditional dancing is amazing to watch. But as a culture the general populace seem quite disconnected to dance. Sad.
The beat of a drum has profound possibilities to liberate and transmute our consciousness.

I think the Bollywood dancing that is so popular - would make more sense to me if I spoke Tamil or Hindi...I am not sure though if India has their version of salsa or ballroom or jazz - I mean a dance form for couples. All the dancing that comes out of the movies seems to be more like a dramatic language, with lots of face slapping from angry women lead actors. The guy always seem to turn up with 300 dancers skipping the hullabaloo in a paddy field - more akin to the sociology of some game bird species than a dance stlyle. I guess I need to get myself a rice farm and a few thousand twirling beauties. :)

It was sad to see all these mooses on the edges of the dance floor. My definition of moose: big haystacks of designer labels, smoking and drinking, and who have been swallowed up by the escapist bar drone thing - beer in one, hand cigerette in the other. All about the look. No connection to the spirit of the music or themselves -"look at me" is the look they tend to wear - and then there are the big bellied socialites who do the beer dance...Well, there is not much dancing involved - all you have to do is hold a beer and look semi-interested in people getting swetty around you. Middle aged, overweight men do that number very well. The more annoying ones take away dance space on the dance floor.

Now that's a moose - the kind of thing a pickup truck in canada hits on a snowy night - really making a downer of your evening - as the front of your car is now scrap metal - and the glum moose is chowing cud still in the middle of the road - wondering what metal moose behind him is trying to mount him without abiding the usual mating rites....! gah! Mooses!

On a serious note, it has long been a dream of mine to sweep a woman off the dance floor - something just right about it - I believe i need to go to charm school - hah! It frightens the bejesus out of me.

I am resolute to master some dance syle...It will be interesting to see which one I pick. I imagine it will pick me. Contemporary or jazz or something like that to expand my personality into places that just make my inhibitions seriously cringe...always good to take a chainsaw to the old inhibitions. That's a big part of Aghora - the religion which focuses on transformation of personality...

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