How desperate some people are. But then how much of the glue of our lives and friendships is formed out of that desperation. In a world such as ours - desperation has its lessons I suppose. Temptation and poor judgment create desperate figures. Take the sexual urge. It either dominates or suffocates. There are those who deny it, who intellectualise it - but they are just a dictionary of psychosis. Balance is a flower in the field we are standing in all along and yet few ever see it.

The perfectly respectable people are often so petty and mindless. The intellectuals are so dry. It is the failures, the people who exist in the smoked out places of the world that somehow cut through the darkness - the priests are never honest... but the drug addicts are honest - honest about their madness that is.

I have a friend who likes the idea of living in Brazil - in cities, the places he finds most interesting are the sleazy places - "that's where the life is" he says brooding - I know what he means...I also know what traps and despots such places are. But if my friend went to Brazil he would not live in the slums. He'd live on the edge in the rich neighborhoods. With a driver and a pool.

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