Contemplations on Order and Chaos

The nature of our problems and frustrations and our seeking of clarity is woven into our identity, our search for meaning and sustenance in this world, and it also entails the potential study or "not study" with those we wish to be close to (as we believe, consciously or unconsciously, that they will be instrumental in helping us affect the deeper transformations which we seek).

We must be open to the possibility that enlightenment might come by other means of the Divine itself - not necessarily in the very focused formula or formulae we might believe in (have narrowed it down to)...

What IF you achieve your inner goals for complete awakenment and it isn't through the doorways that you have been "fixated" on or concentrating on? Are you open to infinite possibilities? - Even when they don't jibe with how you wish or how you see things "should" be?

This is a huge dilemma.

What if there are good reasons (that we cannot see - behind the flow of our lives) that explain why, in order to receive the blessings we desire, we must look beyond th avenues we have been long imagining appropriate and necessary to achieve our goals?

We have to inquire into the dichotomy of chaos in these worlds within Divine Will. Both chaos and order are co-existing. It is not as simple as one might think -
the Divine Will absolutely has a clear cut ray of influence within the turbulence
here. It is also, to a strong degree, like sending a clear and unmistakable
beam of the purest light from Above into a seething swamp of muddy, chaotic waters, here in these worlds . . . .

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