Clay and Molding things

I know what wealth is. I also know what not having money is. I know the riches of a mind dredged for its hidden beauty. I know loss. I know attachment. I have felt whispers of love...fleeting, glorious, gripping....passing in the night. I see how valuable my life experience has been for the challenging destiny that lies ahead of me

I value Elsbeth - the sculptress who introduced me to clay and molding things at the age of 8. I value Elizabeth, the wonderful Viennese Jewish lady who loved me like few have ever done. How she listened. How she nurtured the soul with her grape juice and enthusiasm.

I value the amazing forays into the European imagination that my parents gave me. Then there was Kelvin Britten and Marilyn Cadogon who came along just when I needed a scientific buoy of grounded hypotheses and formulae to steady me in the wavering sea of artistic emotion (the cradle of my parent's inner ethos/gift to me) and the storm of inner demons that my father represented to me...Amazing the lamp-posts that guide us through our transformations.

Painting my aunt's long and winding fence in my late teens helped me take the leap that I had to. Soon after I lept an ocean. I could never had done it without that fence. I could never not have done leapt. I am sure you have your versions of such transitory moments...connections from one stage to another....Molding clay into otters with Elsbeth...weilding an unweildy violin...running the track at Olympus in the baking middy heat of a summer's day....ah the recognition of what we are inwardly foistered on us by the mirror of experience!

And now psoriasis and the mythic dimension (I feel it is my destiny to clarify the significance of the conjunction of the mythic dimension with the personality). Both of these things drive me to India. Into a future untested...salient and connected - dedicated to the guidance and example of wise beings - the central flagposts in the evolving drama...The violin has been laid to one side...but the music has not stopped. The clay is still being molded...

The dance continues :)

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