Carolyn Myss and her Spriritual Tours

I have listened to Carolyn Myss quite a few times - and enjoyed to hear her take on original thinker. But her trips to Egypt with 400 women sort of blends one of my worst nightmares and something that could be genuinely interesting....I don't do coach tours well - nothing makes me feel more like a tourist than being in a coach. I prefer to travel not to "tourist"!

I guess what she does caters to a population of "new age" American women who like to travel in comfort and numbers...and hopefully it leads them down healing tracks. I have noticed though that Americans like sameness...I am sure all cultures do. But America made it an international brand - a Holiday Inn in Milwaukee and Madras are basically the same creature...When you can wake up in the same surroundings no matter where you are - maybe you feel a little safer.

I am not really sure why there is such an urge to make this bland, brand of sameness in corporate hotels. But it is a clear trend...MTV, Sesame Street, coffee and bacon are there wherever you go. Sad in some ways, yet understandable too, as technology takes man's consciousness towards a more global footing.

However, the subtle depths of our cultural heritage can be covered over by superficial escapism - and that is a very real concern - I imagine "Carolyn Tours INC" try to look for the common mythological motifs of ancient cultures and our own - and how that all ties into the psychospiritual vehicle we are all walking around in/as...I imagine - she is on to something. But my hunch is that what one gets in the end is a little watered down and cliched. Perhaps I am wrong. Clearly though she is a good businesswoman and more power to her for that! At the same time, I am always wary of healers who jump on the salesman's wagon and pedal things...America leads the world in this activity. It sells itself the idea that EVERYTHING can be bought. Spiritual insight included! Hah!

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