Birthdays have but few benefits it seems - if you are Shakespeare you are born and die on your birthday - which I am not exactly sure is entirely necessary - but it seemed to suit him.

Australian aborigines laugh at the concept of a birthday - they only celebrate when they get better at throwing the bamboo or jamming on the didgeridoo - are you getting better at such things? This is the sort of thing you must ask yourself I suppose.

The Queen of England has two birthdays - one official and one unofficial - which seems a bit unfair - as well as having countless palaces and owning half of New York, she has TWO birthdays! What's up with that?!!!

Californians say things like "I am now 42 years young" on their birthday. Because, well, erm they are stupid Californians and many of them also believe that aliens are about to invade any day. Can't be too tough on Californians though - it will always be my distant home of the heart...

Indians go to the temple in the morning and make offerings - we interesting westerners eat fattening cake and worry about the passing of time. And most cake these days isn't too good - all icing sugar and sappy puppy have a healthy birthday this year and maybe take up the didgeridoo - you will likely find that in a years time you will be much better at it and you can hold a celebratory party to announce to all the members of your wandering tribe how much better you are at it - oh you have to change your name too..that's the way the aborigines do it any way.

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