Appointment for coffee in 60 days

An Italian friend of mine moved to Germany (Italians and Indians are not that different in my book - both very emotional peoples with a rather lazy attitude to time) - and got a phone call from a friend. She was calling up in March to arrange to meet for coffee at the end of May! - the day and the time were agreed on over the course of the phone call...My Italian friend was very polite. But when she put the phone down - she had a good chuckle and a good story to show how Germans and Italians are VERY different. I will never forget her '"And this was for coffee!" shriek' that came at the end of the story! :) Planning a month and a half ahead for coffee! Mama mia! Cappucino! Fettucini!...or whatever it is the Italians say when they want to express shock and bewilderment!

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