The Hospice Movement

Individuality,religion and humor

It was early in the day. Past the dawn. Not yet a fully flung morning. And there she was. Lying in the street. Old. Dressed to the waist in a dirtied old skirt. She was asleep. Her breasts limp and bare in the sun. Her face was a tired, old face. An exhausted face. Perhaps she was in her 50s.

I drove past her in the midst of the busy traffic. And now - days later - she still is there - in my thoughts. Who cares for her? Who thinks of her? Who tends to her? No one.

Some Buddhists believe that certain humans are not quite human, but somehow from a different level of existence. They describe handicapped people and people with extreme mental disturbances as sub-humans; even some see them as incarnated perpetually hungry ghosts.

India and China are set to lead the world in the new world order that is emerging. They represent one third of the Earth's population and amongst that one third - there is enormous suffering. The ravages of disease and poverty are colossal problems in both countries.

A great sage once shared how he dreamt of being given unlimited cash and unlimited access to engineers and environmental scientists. He went around the world over the course of a lifetime - in his dream - and he was able to eradicate poverty.

But he came to see - through some subliminal message contained in the dream experience - that although science has answers for our manifold problems, free will and ignorance must also be factored into the equation.

The healing of the mind is effected by one individual at a time. And in each one of us there is a great deal of unwillingness to change. Fear prays on our insecurities and marching armies of postponement and confused defensiveness take over. We forget - all to easily - that every thought we think has an effect.

Judgment is a tired bedfellow. He rapes us of our compassion and our feeling, and he hands out cruel labels that keep us from being in meaningful relationships - both inwardly - with ourselves - and outwardly with those close to us and with those whom we hold grievances against.

Love holds no grievances. With refinement there awakens the awareness that love is our birthright. Then honesty is seen for what it is: determination. When you are aware of love in your life, you begin to demand more things of life. Your vision extends. You are no longer tied to the "me" and "mine."

The Tibetans esteem three words in their language above all others. Religion, humor (/sense of humor) and individuality. It is written in the Course in Miracles that religion is always with us. God is. But when we forget our connection with Life, with our spiritual eternity...we forget how to laugh.

In this highly pressured world, we must be independent enough to ask important questions. We must be independent enough to take the reigns of our lives and use them to steer ourselves gratefully towards selfless ends. Life begins when we have something to give.

Is this not the essence of the religous life? Is this not the source of inspiration? You will say that there are so many bad people in the world; so many unsurmountable problems; so many obstructions to progress built into the self-centered mindstate of the age.

But we are not limited to our times - if we see the ego and the war it wages. It is a timeless and inevitable dream that fearful dreamers must play over and over again until they come to crisis and see it for the futile battle it is. It is, as it has ever been, meaningless and lacking in love.

Is not a Christed being just an individual who has learned to value life with the right quality of reverence? Such a being is one who sees the sacred in everything and everyone. He or she is someone who knows the real meaning of responsibility and lives a life true to the tremendous responsibility that being human demands.

I hear people decry the war in Iraq and the terrible deeds of the American administration. I hear the sad stories of dead soldiers on both sides. I hear the hypocrisy of politicians. And I condemn none of it. What is is. That which is unrefined and insecure will always been drawn into conflict. It is a natural law. But that which is still and focused has enormous energy; such tremendous vitality and potential.

It is to that inner spring of silence and healing that we must turn for insight and guidance. We are not limited to the body. But we are prisoners of its limitations until we master forgiveness and give up our investments in hatred, blame, defensiveness and fear.

We are one world. One people. One mind.

One marvelous earth.

A Tibetan monk once came to see the Dalai Lama. He had been a captive of the Chinese prison system for some years and had frequently been tortured. The Dalai Lama asked him if he had been afraid during his time in the prison. The monk thought for a moment and then said, "I was afraid of one thing. I was afraid of losing compassion for my torturers."

Some love you must have in your heart to be such a man.

Lao Tzu

Show me a man of violence who came to a good end and I will make him my teacher.


The art of the living space

Where we live is a living breathing organism. This is the teaching of Vaastu. When 4 walls meet a living space is created. We must keep them holy, productive and practical.

A personal theology

A personal theology that does not marry the serious and the reverent with the not a personal theology that will feed you.

"I can't"is not humility

“It is not humility to tell yourself, “I can’t. . . .” Remember, God can do anything. If you give Him the chance, moreover, He can do anything through you. Ask Him for the inspiration, the guidance, and the strength to do whatever you must do. As Yogananda put it, “Pray in this way: I will reason; I will will; I will act—but guide Thou my reason, will, and activity in everything I do.”

Swami Kriyananda

in the time of Gathering Together

Thus in the time of Gathering Together we must arm promptly to ward off the unexpected. Human woes usually come as a result of unexpected events against which we are not forearmed. If we are prepared, they can be prevented.


If you are watching; if you are a person of courage.
A person going into themselves...

You will discover an unspoken code of honor.
You will find that Life helps you in beautiful,
unexpected ways.

You will learn from mistakes and misunderstanding.
You will not be a prisoner of the past
Nor a dreamer captive in an unrealistic future.

You will befriend vision and find your Self.
You will see and do the right thing...

if you are watching; if you are listening...
with all your heart and all your being.

In Union

"The ways of good men (different seem)
This in a public office toils;
That in his home the time beguiles.
One man his lips with silence seals;
Another all his mind reveals.
But when two men are in one heart,
Not iron bolts keep them apart;
The words they in their union use,
Fragrance like orchid plants diffuse."

The Master (taken from Bantam Books edition of the I Ching)

The Teacher is a Beacon

The teacher is a beacon.

He has nothing to teach.
His example is enough.
REPUBLICAN President (& 5-star general & WWII war hero) Eisenhower over
50 years ago:

"Should any political party attempt to abolish social security,
unemployment insurance, and eliminate labor laws and farm programs, you
would not hear of that party again in our political history. There is a
tiny splinter group, of course, that believes you can do these things.

Among them are ... a few other Texas oil millionaires, and an occasional
politician or business man from other areas. Their number is negligible
and they are stupid."

- President Dwight D. Eisenhower, 11/8/54


The Blue Lotus is a mythical flower which is said to bloom once every three thousand years. Everytime a Buddha is born. We chose it is as our namesake, as it seemed to represent authenticity and rare beauty in a copycat world. The Lotus flower has been revered in the East for millenia, where it is recognised as a symbol of purity and hope. From the dark, muddy waters of the world, arises the lotus flower: emblem of creative possibility, transformation and transcendant possibilities. By analogy, the Lotus serves to remind us of the inherent potential of the human spirit to rise above the mundane and to express something lofty and inspiring...whilst keeping one's roots in the mucky, practical earth.

As a symbol of human life there are few as pertinent. Our job on this planet is not to escape the world and all its problems, but rather to remain in the world: to be rooted in the dirt and the difficulties...and to use those very
challenges as fetiliser for gaining a higher appreciation of life and our common humanity.

As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said:

"Great men, great nations, have not been boasters and buffoons, but perceivers of the terror of life, and have manned themselves to face it."

Trusting in life and the urgency of genuine passion are the keys to a meaningful appreciation of existence.

Feodor Dostoevsky once wrote:

"Pain and suffering are always inevitable for a large intelligence and a deep heart. The really great men must, I think, have great sadness on Earth."

Somethings are irrefutable. Real sadness, for the wise though, is the doorway to deep questions. And deep questions, when asked with seriousness and affection, lead us to rare places in the mind. Quiet, sacred places.

Places where, by analogy, one might find a blooming blue lotus. Places where a future different to the past may seed itself out of a present that is aware and rich with telling insights.

Insights such as:

"There are no problems aside from the mind."

These are the words of Mr J. Krishnamurti.

A thousand thankyous

A thousand thankyous
A thousand thankyous


Learning to share is not what the world would have us learn.
Learning to breathe is what I would share.
Learning to taste the swaying of the leaves is what I would share.
Learning to dream is what I would share.

I will not compete with you.
In my heart I shall stand close to you.
Close and still.
Holding to that link between us, which nourishes everything.

The body aging

The body aging

You, whom I love.
You are aging now.
And every day you count,
with gratefulness,
the leaves on the vine.

You, whom I love, you are growing now. tolerance and acceptance.
Growing in understanding like the heron,
poised stock still, watching the tumult of the river.
In perfect serenity.

Learning of the ways of the stream,
the eddies and the hidden life here.
The youngsters and the tears.
The king of fishers darting upstream.
Blue lotus jewels carry you, in your heart.

You, whom I love, are walking forth now.
Along country lanes in shadows and in dust.
The world is not a lasting home.
Heaven, the only place you'll ever roam.

I see you now striding up golden hills in the spring.
As a little girl on the farm.
young graduate on the thudding sidewalks of Manhattan.
young starlet unpacking in Hollywood.
college student in 60s London.
old friend on the glacier, never far.
schoolboy pal in the ways of the mind and the moss.
brother on the rooftops of Paris, strumming music from your fingertips.
my solace in the garden in Santa Monica.
aloneness on the Korean isle.
my father on the grass in the summertime.

Sitting their watching me, the babe.
Your eyes wide with the miraculous as I tug at the grass.
As my teacher...forever looking down at me.
Cloaked in infinite angels.

As my storyteller; you whom I love...
who wanders the mountain path;
who circles the pond at Walden.
my captain, who leads America forward united.
the soils of India
the wind that laps off the great oceans.
the unknown civilian.
peaceful warrior.
You my constant companion of many masks.

And down the centuries, and down the miles of the body aging,
across the swift naked seas,
I navigate myself amongst you...
And I neither hear nor hear not the whining masses.
Keenly am I aware.
My abode is in the midst of the screaming crowds.
I sit with you.

My love.
Silent, sunnied and sprightly.
I am youth united with my beloved.
Atop the white clouds.

Perfect thanks

There are great poets in our midst.
Men who never know to read,
Women who hardly speak.
Wanderers who have learned to breathe.
Children silenced by fears of the mind.
Wise men silenced by tears of joy.

A billionaire in New York would give away all his
fortune in exchange for writing a discourse on philosophy that
would last a thousand years.

What are we seeking?
Rags or riches?
Light or crude powers?

There, I see going before me: Whitman and Vyasa.
And Lao Tzu and Krishnamurti in silent communion on the mountain pass.
In the valley, testing the scents of spring are Keats and Emerson.
Rumi and Hafiz are in the kitchen preparing a lunch for fools.
Love abounding from their hearts...
Baudelaire and Kabir embrace; at a loss for words in the infinite sea.
There is Lincoln. Indomitable. Einstein - eyes wide open.
And Nathamuni chanting eterntal chords as Buddha counts his prayer beads.
A string of pearls.
They all stand alone.
They all secretly, offer perfect thanks.

There is the kid on the corner selling photocopies, in India.
Above the dust and speed of the street.
There is the old man on the train in Korea; walking cane in hand, tapping his feet.
There is the dairy maid in Aberdeen eying the boys on her shift.
There is Jesus in heaven watching everything.
There are you and I as distant strangers yet to remember our blazing familiarity.

Have you planted the seed of the great tree that is yourself?
Has the sapling of your younger years outgrown the briars and the bracken?
Are your shoots still green?
Have you drank of the rain and the wind today?
Have you left all comparison behind?
Put another way: "Are you smiling?"

What is your contribution?
What does your gratefulness
share with you in the cool, whispered night?

Never desperate

"It is characteristic of wisdom not to do desperate things."

Henry David Thoreau

The battleground

There is a battle waging in the middle of all.
A battle of immense proportions.
A battle between fear and life.
A battle between that which thinks.
That which believes itself to be separate and its illusory "self".
The eternal silence is never lost to the true warrior.


"Where is the door to God?
In the sound of a barking dog,
In the ring of a hammer,
In a drop of rain,
In the face of Everyone I see"


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