If you want to know what love is...
It is like a moth to a flame.
Love will intoxicate you.
Love will consume you.
And eventually it will destroy you.
But then you wake up and remember who the real "You" is.
That's the miracle of love.
So very few get to experience it.
And yet it is the most natural thing in the world.
We settle for what is unnatural - for what is easy.
But that which is easy - is not that which is natural.
If you have trouble with this - think of plastic surgery - and compare it to Michelangelo's David...
That which is natural takes guts and hard work...dedication, discipline and austerity.
That which is effortless is of two levels: the superficial - the easy...
and the deep - which is much rarer...and takes great wisdom to discover.
They are like night and day.
Only one is made for for activity.
Only direct perception can reveal that which is truly effortless...

Ramana on Death and Identity

M: The birth of the "I"-thought is your son's birth; its death is the person's death. After the "I"-thought has arisen, wrong identification with the body arises. Thinking yourself as the body, you give false values to others, and identify them with bodies. Did you think of your son before his birth? Only as you are
thinking of him, he is your son. Where has he gone? He has gone to the source from which he sprang. He is one with you. So long as you are, he is there too.

Ramana on what happens after death

Q: Is it possible to know the after-death state of a person?

M: Some are born immediately after, and others after a lapse of time. A few are not reborn on this earth but get salvation from the higher regions, and a very few get absorbed here and now.


"So long as one identifies oneself with the gross body thoughts will materialize as gross manifestations (the world) and appear to be real. The life-current having existed here, it will certainly survive death. Hence, under these circumstances the other world exists. On the other hand, consider that the One Reality is the Self from whom the ego has sprung. The ego loses sight of the Self and identifies itself with the body, resulting in ignorance and misery. The life-current has passed through innumerable incarnations, births and deaths, but is still unaffected. There is no reason to mourn."

Ramana Maharishi

Self-Realization - Death

"Who wants physical immortality? We should want only one thing: to realize and be in the Self and to get out of this body. Why then prolong life in it?"

Ramana Maharishi


He was a funny fellow - I read somewhere recently that he said to Harold Wilson - the British Prime Minister of his time..."you know I really get a terrible headache if I don't have sex every 24 hours - do you have that problem Harold?" Harold was a little dumbstruck! Brilliant! :)

Anyway JFK had this to say - which is damned good...I am sure he did a lot of bad stuff too - just goes with being a modern American president - still what he says below - has its own beauty...

"To solve the problems of the world we do not need sceptics or cynics whose visions are limited by the obvious realities of their own horizons; we need men who can dream of things that never were."

JFK 1962


"If you are really serious, then when you look the old momentum comes to an end."

Mr Jiddu Krishnamurti

Busy = Lazy

"They busier you are the lazier you are."

Tara Singh

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