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"It is not by sitting still at a grand distance and calling the human race larvae, that men are to be helped, nor by helping the depraved after their own foolish fashion, but by doing unweariedly the work we were born to do. Let no man think himself absolved because he does a generous action and befriends the poor, but let him see whether he holds his property that a benefit goes from it to all.

A man's diet should be what is simplest and readiest to be had, because it is so private a good. His house should be better, because that is for the hundreds, perhaps of thousands, and is the property of the traveller. But his speech is a perpetual instrument; let that always side with the race and yield neither a lie nor a sneer. His manners - let them be hospitable and civilising, so that no Phidias or Raphael shall have taught anything better in canvas or stone; and his acts should be representative of the human race, as one who makes him rich in the having and poor in the want."

Henry David Thoreau

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