What is real faith?

"“Faith” is often used by agnostics as a term of abuse. That is to say, it is taken to refer to the blind credulity which accepts all kinds of dogmas and creeds without question, repeating parrot-like what has been taught, and closing its ears to doubt and reason. Such “faith” should certainly be attacked. It is compounded of laziness, obstinacy, ignorance and fear. Because it is rigid and unyielding it can be quite easily shaken and altogether destroyed. But this is not the true faith – true faith is provisional, flexible, undogmatic, open to doubt and reason…
Suppose you are subject to indigestion. One day you read a book about diet or meet a doctor who tells you that he can restore your health if you follow his instructions. You do not have to accept the book or the doctor with blind faith, but you do have to have a provisional, hypothetical faith. You have to try it before you can say with authority whether it is helpful or useless. So too with spiritual diet.”

Some cool Swami whom I lost the name of!

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