What is education and what is a teacher?

Education is the capacity to look upon the world and decipher the subtle mechanisms of the unseen. It is to banish to word "impossible" from one's actions and one's vocabulary through humility, attention and observation. It has nothing to do with degrees and exam results. That is the conventional meaning of education and is something very superfiscial. It is like coming to a lake and learning only to look at it from above. One skates across the surface, without being related to the deep mystery that lies beneath.

The Nobel Prize winning economist Amartya Sen shared some insightful thoughts along these lines in his autobiography:

"I moved to Santiniketan, and it was mainly in Tagore's school that my educational attitudes were formed. This was a co-educational school, with many progressive features. The emphasis was on fostering curiosity rather than competitive excellence, and any kind of interest in examination performance and grades was severely discouraged. ("She is quite a serious thinker," I remember one of my teachers telling me about a fellow student, "even though her grades are very good.") Since I was, I have to confess, a reasonably good student, I had to do my best to efface that stigma."

Education teaches us that there is another way of looking - not the looking of the body or the eyes...but something much deeper - the vision of the heart. Most of us throw this idea out as some kind of mystical nonsense....but if truth be told - happiness comes from a certain quality of understanding that is born of the right atmosphere and approach to living ....only then can love flower. And if we don't get education right...we get life wrong...it's as simple as that. In this world, sadly, a real teacher is very rare.

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