To be a leader

An enlightened society has no leaders in the strict sense. Technically, men are needed to teach and steer. But if each person is really looking into himself - then that government which is the best naturally flowers; it is not a bureacracy - it is a congress built on listening and wisdom. The wise though are mostly misunderstood in this world. It will be a long time before an enlightened society will flower on this earth. However, each of us, in our own small way can make meaningful differences...if we are honest and if we have the guts to face our fears.

There are men and women who are called upon to make tough decisions that effect large numbers of people. A real leader can never please everyone. But if he is attentive to the ego in himself...and learns from it - then he must learn what sacrifice is. Maybe then he will come face to face with intelligence. Such individuals represent the light at the end of the tunnel.

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