Ramana Maharishi quotes

The spirit wrongly identifies itself with the gross body. The body has been projected by the mind, and the mind itself has originated from the spirit. If the wrong identification ceases, there will be peace and permanent unbroken bliss. Life is existence, which is your Self. That is life eternal. Otherwise, can you imagine a time when you are not? You are life unconditioned. These bodies attach themselves to you as mental projections and you are afflicted by the "I am the body" idea. If this idea ceases, you are your Self.

M: Just as a miser keeps his treasures always to himself and never parts with them, so the Self safeguards the vasanas (mental tendencies) in that which is closest to itself, i.e. within the Heart. The Heart radiates vitality to the brain and thus causes it to function. The vasanas are enclosed in the Heart in their subtlest form, and later projected on the brain, which reflects them with high magnification. This is how the world is made to go on and this is why the world is nothing more than a cinema show.

M: The world is not eternal. The sense impressions cannot have an outer origin because the world can be cognized only by Consciousness. The world does not say it exists, it is you who says it. It is your impression. Yet, this impression is not unbroken. In sleep the world is not cognized; it does not exist for a sleeping person. Therefore, the world is the result of the ego. Find the ego. Its source is the final goal. The world is a result of your mind. Know your mind.

Maya and Illusion

M: The world is only phenomena appearing on that pure Consciousness. Pure Consciousness is Itself unaffected.

The universe is like a painting on a screen. That which rises and sinks is made up of what it rises from. The finality of the
universe is the Self.

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