Patanjali - the source of Yoga

All yogas lead to vichara (inquiry) and teach abidance in the Self. All yogas are good for purification of the mind. Only the purified mind is capable of grasping the method.

Source of yoga – taught through the story of Patanjali

Ananta (name) – something that cannot be measured.
A snake – flexible and hard as needs be
Attention and comfort => absence of pain
Just living on breath – “vatasana”

Ananta is a good example to mankind

Amsha avataram – a small part of the being descends

Anjali mudra (gesture) – asking for something, expecting something
Taught how to speak (mahapasham)
How to be healthy (ayurveda)
How to have a stable state of mind (yoga)

Pranava – “tasya vacakah pranavah”

The power of pranava can remove all obstacles.

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