Contemplations on A Course in Miracles

A belief system is anything which blinds us. Thought is the lowest vibration.
What transcends thought - transcends belief - because belief is thought.
If you look at my blog - I have a recent section about The Book of John in the Bible - Chapter 11 - it highlights the word "believe" used by Jesus himself the use of it here - implies faith in the intuitive perception and the goodness of the Christ energy - it has nothing to do with dogma or doctrine or blind allegiance to a church.

When jesus spoke of the church - he was speaking of the dharma of the Christian message - ie the vehicle of his carried in the hearts of those who really hear and impliment the wisdom of what he had to say. It has nothing to do with pews or denominations or sectarian rivalry or any of that nonsense...

Belief of itself is a dead thing - as it is the construct of thought.
Belief systems have no relationship with truth. Period.

Truth is not material. Thought is material and conditioned.
Belief is, by its very nature, conditioned.

Wisdom is not conditioned - it is of another dimension entirely. Most of the world - including learned professors are lost in nonsense - and that is clearly a
fact!~ just look at the crooked nature of the world - with discrimination - rather than judgment.

If you are a Christian (or any other religions for that matter) reading this - as to whether you are a part of "churchianity" or not - hmm - I suppose if you have a belief system and defend it - then you are. If you have reached the state of defenselessness which is the essence of the Christ energy's nature - then i guess not. To be in that state requires discrimination and a rare kind of courage - a courage that has nothing to do with outward shows of strength, but rather inward surrender to wisdom.

Condemnation is of the energy of thought. Direct perception is of an entirely
different order.

Do you see the nonsense of beliefs? - how they divide? - how thought and your opinion of me is between you and I - affection is lost when thought and opinons and beliefs take over.....each one is sacred and the relationship between each individual and another is sacred - but the sanctimonious and devout - are blinded by their own arguments...belief/thought is the very thing which divides....there
is no belief in love/truth - it transcends all such fearful approaches.

I was fortunate to have a teacher who lived on another level. How privelleged I was
to meet such a being. Such humility. Such intelligence.

If you can drop your conclusions and belief systems for awhile and come to it with an open might be truly inspired by the Course in Miracles....the New Testament has many worthy moments- but it is a record of Christ's life by secondhand sources (the Sermon on the Mount though is as great as any scripture ever written) - the Course on the other hand is given directly by Christ is the injection of sanity which Christianity has been in waiting for for centuries....but as with all is only for those - very rare few - who have the
ears to hear. And you cannot hear when your mind is filled with the noise of thought and belief.

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