Changes Needed in Economic Polices by Firdos J.Mubaraki

This is a brilliant book - a very simply argued and insightful discussion on the archaic tax laws and terrible budget deficits that weigh on national economies -which lead to corruption and such a terrible waste of resources and man hours in our modern econmies; using India as a model for change, this is a brilliant book which new and old students of economy and welfare can use as a starting point of discussion to come together for meaningful communion on critical issues of economy and liberty.

Highly recommended.

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"Freedom From Intrusive Taxes (FFIT)

Introduction : FFIT Program is not associated with any political party, neither do we have any intention of forming our own political party. FFIT program consists of concepts which is free for any independent politician or political party to adopt and implement for the betterment of the Indian citizen and for the benefit of the country as a whole.

The main concepts of FFIT program are as follows:

Get Freedom from Intrusive taxes by abolishing Income Tax, Excise, Sales Tax, Octroi and VAT, all over India.

Replace with one non-intrusive tax throughout India. Work towards abolishing this non-intrusive tax within 10 years by implementing the following steps.

Make all Public Sector Units (PSU) profitable within 3 years time or sell them off and use money to pay off foreign loans (World Bank, IMF and others).

Make all Public Assets profitable and use this money to reduce and pay off foreign debts.

Make Politicians and Bureaucrats accountable to the people, not the other way around.

Change the election system whereby every Indian elects the Prime Minister, the Chief Ministers and Mayor directly.

Make the judicial system efficient and quick to deter all kinds of crimes.

All of the above points are explained in the book "Changes needed in Economic Policies" by Economist Firdos J. Mubaraki."

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