Where there is no teacher

Do you ever question who you are? Is there a source to suffering? Is it within you? Are these questions that have an urgent relevance to you? Are you the body? Are you the mind? Are you that consciousness that is aware of the movement of the mind? Are you something beyond identity?; Something that has assumed an identity?; Something beyond space and time? Something beyond conditioned existence?

The Buddha’s teaches that there are many worlds, many hells and many heavens. But only he is free who is beyond conditioned existence; beyond identity.

We identify with our families, with our bodies, with a thought system, with a religion, with a culture; with a mantra, with a system of psychology…or we seek beauty and therein there is inevitably ugliness, or we seek wealth and therein is the poverty of an impoverished nature – a prisoner to the sense of lack. Some lose themselves in meditation practices and then become attached to that. The conscious mind plays so many tricks. To become enlightened do this and do that and in come all the formulas…all the techniques. There may be some value in these techniques – perhaps – but the point is that most of us are then attached to those techniques.

But if you really want to know what love is…if you really want to be living in a state of clarity…if you really want to grapple with fear and delusions…then something in you has to look at what the world is and what your place in that world is…moment to moment.

It is a world built on fear and a sense of lack. Are you that which condemns? Are you that which analyses the process of condemnation? Are you that which watches? – the witness? Or are you nothing? Something beyond ideation, something beyond identity?

There is a wonderful Sufi story. A Sufi walked into the Palace one day when the King was out. The Chief Minister watched incredulously as the Sufi sat in the throne of the King. Outraged the Chief Minister asked him “Sir, who are you? Are you some minister from a distant part of the Kingdom?” “No, Sir, I am beyond that.” The Chief minister continued “Well, you cannot be the Chief Minister as I am the Chief Minister. Do you reckon yourself to be the King – for I know the King and you are not he…?” “No beyond that.” So the Chief Minister continued, “Are you God?” “No, I am beyond that!” came the reply. “Beyond that is nothing.” Said the Chief minister.” “Ah yes that’s it!” said the Sufi.

When you awaken to what you are…beyond thought of body or mind or soul or Self…there is that Selflessness in which there is the order and freedom of love. Love has no goal, no limits, no conditions…just an intelligence that is not your own – without continuity, without concepts. There is no identity in love. It is the simplest of things. Are you humble enough…to learn its lesson that it teaches now? Beyond eternity…beyond opposites…beyond conditions…beyond substance…beyond non-substance…

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