A new dispensation?

I begin to see how terribly lost and tragic the world is. To he who is questioning with some seriousness - it becomes less and less noisy. Yes, the noise continues. Yes the bickering goes on - but somehow it becomes background noise - the wail of an old thing that has nothing new to say. I see many great changes in the world ahead. A global society will emerge, though selfishness and labels will have their share of the common mindstate for a long time yet. The populace do not get inspired. Most leaders don't get inspired. Inspiration in its pristine state is very rare. But a life without it amount to a heap of hungry flesh gasping for air...awaiting for the tread mill of existence to expire.

I read the other day about Sri Aurobindo and the Mother and something hit me. They had such high hopes to create a global village in Pondicherry - a place for the birthing of a new dispensation - but what did they create? More nonsense mostly. The Mother died and they hailed her a saint. They will do something similar no doubt with the pope! Why!!!!! Its all so petty and meaningless. Do Saints have anything to prove? Joan of Arc freed the French of British tyranny - she kicked ass...totally dedicated to her task - but she had nothing to prove. I think you can start a war without having anything to prove - just because it is the right thing to do - as was the case with the Korean War...but the moment you introduce motive or hail some new dispensation - then you destroy the originality of what you are really about and you work will fail.

I think Aurobindo was a great scholar and doubltess had some great insights - but I think his efforts and the Mothers created the opposite of what the strove for. They wanted to create a new plan for the future society. But they created a conclave of seekers...without the glue that makes such conglomerations of people meaningful or lasting. I am not sure if Churches can have any real meaning today - communities will always have meaning - but if they are not related to vibrant and profound questions and if they have not the integrity to cultivate individuals who are not part of a mold, then they will have no meaning.

I have traveled a fair bit. I have stood at the foot of Lincoln's statue and lived in Paris and felt the frenzy and pace of modern Asia. I see why religion is by and large such a terrible thing. Religion is as natural as breathing. What we call religion is a mockery of what the real thing is. We think going to the temple or an worshipping an idol or listening to a priest is what religion is about. But I don't think they have anything to do with the real meaning of religion. Religion is not something you can organize. It is not something you can build a church around. Christ never started a church or a monastary. He did have some pretty serious people around him who wanted answers to profound questions - that created some kind of a religious atmosphere...Buddha no doubt had something similar with his bhikkus. He did start monastaries...but one wonders if the spirit of those days is alive today. I think it might be to degrees in the Tibetan tradition - especially recently - in a strange way I think the invasion of Tibet lead to a renaissance of Tibetan culture...perhaps also in some places in the Therevada tradition - there is something of the Buddha's spirit alive...but I am sure mostly it is lost.

I think religion begins with questions and matures with the awakening of compassion. I am not sure if there will be a new dispensation - but naturally as is befitting ever era - new authentic voices will come.

Sadly people think that politics is a secular affair. And for good reason! Religion has laid waste to our hearts - and we come to politics wanting some respite - but then we inevitably bring ourselves to the table and the madness continues unabated!

Real religion is the essense of politics. It is about figuring out what it means to love - there is no pattern which you can pin love down to - which is why we find it so difficult! Our hyper-intellectual minds want to analyse everything - and consequently we throw the baby out with the bathwater. You cannot organize such efforts - it is an entirely individual affair. Without right education religion is lost and with it politics (the word politics means "the family of man"). In the modern world there is so much pressure and very little space for love - our tendencies go unquestioned. Our heart remains unconnected with what we experience - or it is so bludgeoned with uncontrolled emotion that we never learn to see and act with the of the subtle beauty and indomitable strength of real sensitivity.

I think if you are very serious and very determined you can begin to live a path free of bullshit. But for that you have to walk away from all the pernicious traditions - you have to drop your nationality and your prejudices and you have to stand alone. You have to learn to understand how the mind becomes reactionary. In the appreciation of that you yourself end up transformed.

But we want Jesus to hold our hand and we want some theory to wrap everything up so perfectly and we don't have the heart to look in the mirror of our relationships and look at what is actually there. When you do that....you begin to live a life that has meaning - but you will probably lose your job or be called a madman. Tell me though - who is the madman? - he who plucks the flowers for his "sacred altar" or he who does not pick the flowers because they have a beauty far greater than any god on an altar? The world does not need saving. Your soul does not need saving. But you do need to learn to look with all your heart and all your being. After all - if you cannot see "what is" - how can you learn? And if you cannot learn - how can you come to wisdom with the dedication of a truly loving parent and the humility of emptiness?
Wisdom is very precious - you need to protect it and revere its simplicity and "essentialness" - it is more precious than life itself - because it is the key to living... without it - there is no relationship...only shards and shadows of what might be...
Learning is the most natural thing in the world - it happens when you face your superstitions and your fears and your beliefs with a humble mind - a mind that does not conclude. We want to know about the greatest President - or about God or any number of "great" things - but what use are these things...what use are organizations and "great men" if we have not the silent beauty to face ourselves?! And when we do that - do you really think they have any meaning any more?

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