Anger, impatience and meanness

I came to India looking for spiritual sustenance - but not blind to the madness of the modern world. I found a country ripe with corruption. It is by far the flakiest country I have ever been to. People's word does not seem to mean much here. But then here also you find a culture richer in saints than any other and sanskrit teachers who race home from their day job and teach sanskrit for free in their evenings for 50 years without missing a day!

I have begun to see something interesting. I think India in a way has brought out the very worst in me. I cannot abide people not keeping their word. If I say I will be somewhere at a certain time - I will be there - and if, due to circumstances out of my control - I am late - I do my level best to call ahead and explain my delay.

Generally people here in India - from my general experience- do not live this way; they make appointments they never keep. They change plans and don't let the people they have made the plans with know...and they don't seem to think this amounts to much.

It brought out an angry, hot monster from within me! How can there be love when people don't have respect? And there certainly is no respecting going on when people promise one thing and then do nothing or do something totally different without caring at all about the consequences for others! But that sort of behavior is rife in India. More than any place I have ever been in fact.

What we say has power - but when our words are not backed up by actions or when they are contradicted by our actions then we are posioning ourselves and our relationships with the world. This is an undeniable fact.

The lesson for me - is to be more forgiving and more patient. My ire is very real because I see how inefficient and careless this society so often is...and it gets to me. Still - rather than condemning I need to open my heart more and learn to forgive. Ha! There is ample opportunity for that in this country! :)

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