Most of us die without opening that door.

Most of us react. It is the source of so much misery. There are no problems beyond the mind. I think watching reactions is the beginning of wisdom or at least the beginning of an awareness of something else within us that has power and insight.

What if I called you stupid or a feminist bitch or a one-eyed monster???? If any of those things were buzz words for you - you would put get hurt wouldn't you? - we are so attached to ideas about oursleves. I think the really serious human being - who has left the world, in the sense of leaving behind all labels, all comparisons - who has found out what it is within them which inspires them - ie who has outgrown a course of study or a job or an identity in relationship to something external - ie a "wife" or an "accounts manager" or whatever straightjacketing we fall for in this world....such a human being is not caught up in words/opinions - they use words carefully of course - but to them reacting is no longer an option.

Such a being has discovered a trail within them - a trail that leads to synthesis... they have moved out of the ranks of the walking dead....They are related to compassion. I think they hear the child when he laughs or when he cries. I mean they really hear that laugh - they really feel that sorrow. Sensitivity is a crushing thing. Few can stand what it would have us discover.

Lord Shiva can dance in ecstasy as the floods come in - his life is about to be destroyed - and yet he is in a place of boundless joy within. Most of us are worriers. Our reactions cover the surface of everything like a blanket of black volcanic ash - and it is that covered dullness which we call life...the surface scum of our own fears and reactions. It is a sordid existence.

You can call me many things, but if my eye is on the bird that I am hunting and nothing can distract me - will it not all be like water off a duck's back? And won't I be true to my dharma...and hence dedicated to living the impersonal life? (Is that where you are?) Is there love when personality rules the mind?

The question is what bird are you hunting and why?

Can any authority shed light on these questions? No, no, no. A resounding no.

Life begins when we have something to give...It is very difficult to disassociate our emotions from our identity. And we tend to identify ourselves with the mind and the body. An original mind never follows a mold.

Detachment does not deny feeling - but it does create an awareness that there is no affection on this earth that compares to one's relationship with the Self. Those related to the Self - what they extend is of another order. Fear is not a part of their mind.

Sex has its place. But there is no romantic love. No paternal love. There is only love. It is the most destructive thing. It destroys everything we cling to. It leaves us absolutely and unconditionally alone. Then there can be relationship. Most of the time the world is the meeting place of masks. Ah if we could shed those masks! much fewer tears there would be in the world! There would be no police, no talk shows, no reactions. Mindless entertainment and a sense of lack have no place in a mind that has discovered virtue.

Pornography is whatever images we cling to. Whether it is our position in the world or our lust. Those who deny these things are completely bonkers! Those who escape them are equally stupid? Those who are attentive to what is...are on to something.
Temptation is very strong. But there is something stronger.

The most beautiful three words are not "I love you" - for they rarely mean anything more than infatuation or attachment or fear. The most beautiful words are "I don't know." When you really genuinely can say: "I don't know", a wonderful door opens in the mind - a door to discovery and awakening...A door that has no hunger for conclusions - a door that leads only to enquiry...serious enquiry into the nature of what is.

I think most of us die without opening that door.

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