He is a man for whom the word "impossible" does not apply

I have heard many compliments in my life. But none come close to this one.

You see the world has so many ways to pull you down. So many excuses and justifications are there.

I had one teacher a very great man. A real saint. He had lived centuries in his life.
He knew what determination was.

The blessing of one being who knows what determination is - to meet such a man - if you can identify him - well you cannot remain the same being for long.

He was close to a very great man who was much older than him. They met in the early days of the movement for India's independence. Wise people are very difficult to get to know. But this man had real persistence. There are plenty of people born with talent. But so often talent is wasted by the lack of "umph" to bring it to application. Wisdom takes a hell of a lot of guts.

"He will never settle for second best. It will make him or it will destroy him."

If you find such words applicable to you - then if you wish to make a life rather than be destroyed by life - then you have to rise to such a state whereby the "impossible" no longer applies to you.

There are reasonable limitations - only a fool denies them. But a visionary is one for whom the body and the mind and convention are not the perimeters of what is true.
There is a light within man - that is not the light of eyes - if your life is not guided by that light - the light of intelligence - then nothing meaningful can ever happen around you. But if you seek that light - you have to put your whole life on the line. You have to give your whole heart, your whole mind, your whole being to that task. Then the impossible is no longer your Bible. Your life becomes privy to another dimension. You tear down the walls. You start to have a relationship with the language of love.

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