Doubts....doubts, they will come...

The mind. What is the mind?

Who am I? Where am I going? From whence did I come?
Is it not the mind that asks these questions out of uncertainty...out of insecurity...out of attachment....out of fear...out of anger?

Lord Siva danced in ecstasy in the midst of the deluge. Armageddon was upon the world...and he dances in ecstasy?!!!

Is it that he has transcended all tendencies, all residues, all attachment-breeding habits?

Abraham took his son to the mountain to be sacrificed? Uncertainty gone. His own son on the slab - on the altar before God. No more doubts. None that he listened to anyway.

Where devotion merges with there room for doubt?

What is the mind then?

It has a totally different set of qualities to it, surely...

Look around you....wherever you live in the world...what do you see? You see pain, you see suffering, you see contentment, you see tears...the gamet of human emotion and potential is there.

If you are happy - is your happiness founded on something you may lose?
If you are sad, is your sadness founded on a weight that may be lifted?

Is there happiness where the mind defines you?
That which defines you - is that not the source of tears?

Affection is an extraordinary thing.
I do not know if you have felt that state which is love - even for a moment.
We don't have a word for it in english.
"Love" is such a silly easily distorted.

Srddha - is a word in sanskrit that we might call "urgency."
The buddhists speak of "mindfulness" - awareness...what are you aware of?
Does that bring you to an urgent state?
A state without conclusions?
A state that questions...

There is sexual urgency - which is so feeble.
Nevertheless, it has a natural place.
Only the fool tries to wrap it up in a theory or deny it.


You are on fire. You want clarity.
But all you got is doubt.

What are you identifying with?
Is it envy or insecurity or ambition that speaks behind the words that usher forth from you?
What is it that you represent?

You are confused and you want answers.
Or you prefer the "bliss" of ignorance.
"Leave me alone" you say.
But, what is it that has you knocking on heavens door?

What is the mind?
Is it static?
Do its qualities change?
Is there the possibility of profound transformation?
And if there is....where are you after that transformation?

Lord Shiva is dancing in ecstasy at the end of the world, as the flood rolls in.
Abraham is raising the knife to kill his own beloved son...not questioning the word of God...mindful of his emotions...yet not ruled by them.

What is love?

Doubts...doubts, they will come.
But this question....what is love?

You can walk away from the churches and the temples and you can empty your heart of everything that poisons you...but whatever you do...never drop that question.

It will bring you face to face with the mind.
It will force you to put your house in order.
Where is distortion then?

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