Together, we are undefeatable. Alone, we are frightened, insecure, suspicious, distrusting.

No matter how angry you are with another...there IS love between you. The holiest spot on this earth is where an ancient hatred has become a present love.

When you see that - not as some intellectual idea - but as the actuality that it is - you are truly blessed. You are grateful for that immense love which is not your own, which is not personal - without that love...You are absent; you are just a shallow shell, an ego rusting in the harsh, dry winds of a lifeless deserts...with it You are related to everything. Then You have substance, then You stand for something meaningful.

Put your projections aways and learn to love. It will destroy all you thought yourself to be. But boy will you have a reason to smile! And what is more, you'll learn what a real friend is too. He dwells within you.

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