Seeing differently

Most of us don´t care (if we cared the world would be a very different place). We are isolated, lonely and forever busy and full of the fear of scarcity. We spend most of our lives agreeing, disagreeing, liking and disliking and persuading – the most stupid things in the world.
Truth is grounded in the facts of things. There is no arrogance in truth. The beauty of truth is that it is changeless, it has nothing to defend.
Human potential is vast. But we settle for littleness – which amounts to living a life of lies. The majority of human beings are asleep. Woefully asleep – locked in a dream full of greivances and anger and full of the fear of scarcity. It does not matter where you go in the world. We use a very small part of our intelligence (intelligence NOT intellect – we are not human thinkings for God sake). Einstein can intuitively fathom the universe´s secret equation, Jesus can walk on water, Gandhi can liberate India peacefully.

Mediocre means to go half way up the hill – to do things by half measures.

This is an imperfect world because it is populated by human beings who don´t know themselves. They don´t know themselves because they don´t know how to look or listen to themselves. The world is not separate from you and I. We are the world. Discover (by shifting your perception) the perfection that you actually are (that everyone is) and you are one of the few awakened to the fact that there are no problems in life.

But the majority of humanity is asleep – they never discover who they are – they die without discovering their own perfection. And the fact that there are no problems in life – the one meaningful thing – remains undiscovered to those who have allowed themselves to live governed by lies and illusions.

Love is a state of mind that holds no grievances. Love is everyone´s inheritance. Discover love in yourself (its boundlessness) and you will discover that there is no imperfection, no problems. There is – in truth – only compassion.

If we knew what love was there would be no war – no analysts, no psychologists, no propaganda, no poverty, no aggression, no imperfection, no pettiness, no opinions, no ideas, no guesses, no nationalities. But we do not know what love is. We spend our lives wrapped up in fear – clinging to ambition and competition which breeds ruthlessness, opinion which breeds nonsense and appetities which breed sorrow. We never go to the roots of things.

Love is right before us – but we are tangled up in our lies and we are so busy with meaningless thoughts and activities that we have no time for the only thing that matters. Togetherness and communication are lost words. We have virtually no sensitivity – no gentleness – we are brute and course and our lives are dictated to us by the tyranny of me and mine.These are facts. Not ideas. See the truth of them and you will see that all ideas, dogmas, philosophies, countries, religions…are absolutely nonsensical.

Love (ie a quality of mind free of illusions and the dictates of thought) holds the key to every problem. There is no divine love, no romantic love. There is only love. In love there is no selfishness, no possessiveness, no specialness. Specialness has nothing do with love – it is the domain of the ego´s cruel illusion.

Most of us are so stuck in our habitual ways of thinking or in our trainings and our conclusions that it is very rare that one is fortunate to meet a human being who has the humility, the elasticity of mind to grasp all of this completely (truth is not partial). Most of us are prisoners to past thoughts and images we have built up about one another (so very rare is it that we actually meet/commune/communicate – we are so busy/empty inside).

We must be as children to enter the kingdom of happiness. Happiness is not elsewhere. Happiness is inside you and you have the key to open its door simply and exclusively by the way you see things.

Love is a journey. The only journey we ever really take. The first step is the last.

See the false as the false and you are acting/living in line with truth. Live this way and you bring joy where there are tears, plentitude where there is the illusion of scarcity and kindness where there is the hardness and pain of preference and self-centredness. You will know what patience is, what real affection is. You will have something of your own to give mankind.

Love is the most destructive thing. It destroys all illusions. When you see that – you know what gratefulness is and education has real value (not the meaningless/mediocre thing it is today in most schools.) When you see that you have awakened to intelligence. Then there are not enough hours in the day, you are never angry and never depressed – for you have discovered the light of your own mind.

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